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Best Animated Movies in 2018 to Watch on Moviebox

Filmmakers have always given their best in movies to reach the audience’s interest and make them feel happy while leaving the theatres. There are many animated movies are releasing in a course of the year with famous actors’ voices and also most lovable characters. As of every year, in the year 2017, many of the amazing animation movies hits the theatres and bagged huge and massive hits in their list. From Disney, Pixar’s Coco to the Baby Boss, there are many animated films hit the theatres.

From the various animation movies list, it is impossible to find which is the best and which one is more entertaining. Nowadays,Moviebox most of all the animation movies are coming with wonderful storyline that attracts the people and makes them to grab to the theatres.

If you want to watch all the best animation movies, without late head over to Moviebox website and stream your favorite movie at free of cost. The website offering the users best video quality and will not annoy with registration process in order to stream the movies. People can find various categories or genres on the Moviebox online movie website and also on its application. From the provided genre list, you can easily search and find your favorite movies and watch at anytime and anywhere you want.

Watch Best Animation Movies on Moviebox


People can find various categories or genres on the Moviebox for ios online movie website and also on its application. From the provided genre list, you can easily search and find your favorite movies and watch at anytime and anywhere you want.

They are just taking the people into an animation and a fantasy world with incredible visuals, perfect characterization, amazing music score and much more. From the little ones to aged people, all are interested to watch the animation movies.

There are various movies apps such as Moviebox, Netflix, Showbox, Amazon Prime Video and much more are offering amazing services to their users.

List of Best Animation Movies to be Watch on Moviebox

Coco Coco is an American 3D animation movie, directed by Lee Unkrich produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The film was premiered on 20 th October 2017 and gained positive response from the critics and got huge massive hit in their bag. It recorded the history and became the first animation movie which got nine figure budget, i.e., up to 200 million. The story plot revolves around a boy named Miguel Rivera, who dreams of to become the best musician in the world. On one day he accidentally goes to the land of dead where he meets his grandfather who is deceased musician and ask his help to get back to their family. The whole movie concept was based on the Mexican holiday of Day of the dead.

The Lego Batman MovieThe Lego Batman Movie is an American 3D animation comedy superhero movie, directed by Chris McKay and produced by the Warner Animation Group. The film hits the big screens on 10 th February 2017 and received many positive responses for its vocal performances, visual style, musical score and humor. It grossed about $312 throughout the world and become one of the best animation movies of the year 2017. This is the sequel of The Lego Movie and the story revolves around the Batman where he attempts to stop the Joker. The movie takes you to the Lego world where you can find Batmas continue his attempts to save the Gotham city from the evil Joker and fights against the crime. With the best timing of the humor, people have enjoyed the movie very well.

The Boss BabyThe Boss Baby is an American 3D animation comedy movie directed by Tom McGrath and produced by DreamWorks Animation. The film was based on the picture book of the same movie name written by Marla Frazee. It was released on 12 th March 2017 and collected around $500 million worldwide and also nominated as Best Animated Feature in Academy Awards and Golden Globes. The story plot shows the 7-year old boy Tim who got jealous after his parents because of his little brother. Later he found out that the baby was wearing a suit carrying suitcase gives the clear view that is on a mission. Tim knows that his little brother is a secret agent and he teams up with him for an epic adventure.

Despicable Me 3Despicable Me 3 is an American 3D animation action comedy movie produced by Illustration Entertainment of Universal Pictures and directed by Pierrie Coffin and Kyle Balda. It is the third installment of Despicable Me. The film released on 20 th June 2017 and gross over $1 billion after its part Minions and become first ever movie to gross huge.

The Gru and his girls and minions are back with the Despicable Me 3 movie in which Gru finds his long lost twin brother Dru. They both teams up together along with minions to defeat Balthazar Bratt, who was a former child actor.

Final verdict There are the top animation movies of the year 2017. Hope you guys find enough information from this post. If you didn’t watch any one of the above mentioned movies, without wasting movie, head over to online movie websites such as Moviebox and enjoy the movie.

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