Virus has always been a pain for us. They reduce the smooth functioning of the computer and make the user, unable to work on it. Hence, to eradicate our problems with Virus, the world was introduced to Antivirus. Antivirus is a software which is used to get rid of the Virus affected applications and the user is also not allowed to download any applications if the Antivirus finds the application affected. Antivirus are like a boon to us, without them it would be highly impossible for us to get rid of the Virus, which would leave the world nowhere. Avast Antivirus is one if the best existing Antivirus softwares in this world. It has many features too which make it quite unique from the other antivirus companies. Read below the malwarebytes vs avast review & comparision next choose the best suitable antivirus for your device.

Features of Best Antivirus:

For not only PCs, but even this software can be downloaded on Android smart phones as an app for free. It does not require much permissions and the downloading of the app is pretty simple, like other apk files. Powerful Security is made easy for your mobile due to this antivirus software. Not only mobiles but the antivirus can also be downloaded on other devices like with different operating systems as well. It has a cloud-based artificial intelligence, which constantly updates the software on the emerging threats. It also helps from fake site protection and acts like a shield to all the malicious software which remain unknown in the internet.

Virus can’t be exactly located on the file or application they have infected but the Antivirus helps you scan your device first and helps you locate any malicious program or software. This gives you a clear idea to know to delete which application or file and which not. There are two types of scanning, the Quick scan and the custom scan or the full scan. The two different scans are categorized due to their difference in time and style of scanning. Quick Scan is just like the Antivirus is just having a glance through your computer and trying to find any threats if found in that glance. But the full scan or the custom scan is slightly different. The Full scan is time consuming but it goes through each and every file or application in the system and is capable to find and eradicate each and every hidden Virus if found.

Any other features making it different?

Do you want a freedom from hackers on the public wi-fi, advertisers tracking and content blocks? Then the Avast VPN helps you in facing all these problems. The VPN helps you surf Internet and access any site in your web browser with safety and security. The VPN helps you by providing the real privacy, a secured connection, it helps you access any content on the internet and the most amazing feature of all, it boosts the speed of the servers as you access the Internet. So, no logs, single shared IP, capable of streaming, gaming and lot more.  

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